Providing PS4 and Construction monitoring

Providing PS4 and Construction monitoring

What is producer statement?

While producer statement are largely used and well-established, they have no special status under the Building Act 2004. They are used as single source of detail which the council may trust upon to decide whether there are practical grounds to conclude that the job complies with the building code.

Producer statement are generally used for expert work, such as engineering, or where there is a building product which is installed by selected contractors. Phases of this job will be outer area the councils in-house skill and a producer statement can help the council when they are determining whether the building job complies with the building code.

Types of Producer Statements PS

There are 4 types of producer statement, all with commonly widespread council acceptance.

  • PS1 – Design
  • PS2 – Design review
  • PS3 – Construction
  • PS4 – construction review

The council should be perfect about when they expect to get producer statement during the consent building process. You will need to make sure the contractors engagement contains the need to give the producer statement at the finish of the work.

Providing PS4 and Construction monitoring

Generally council requires geotechnical inspections, testing and site observations. To verify that the ground situations are in accordance with the project geotechnical design and perfect for the foundation. As a result Geotest Group will provide PS4 for the following:

  • Constructing platform subgrade inspection
  • Bored pile hole checking
  • Pad foundation excavation or shallow strip inspection
  • Retaining wall pipe hole examination
  • Bridging pile hole examination
  • Hard fill compaction testing and observation beneath floor slabs
  • Cut to fill clay fill earthworks examination
  • CBR testing of road pavement

Geotechnical Consultants Auckland

Geotest Group can give certification and do inspection of all geotechnical related areas of construction. In addition Certification is generally provided in the type of producer statement – Construction review (PS4). These geotechnical certifications are generally used by Council to give final sign-off of your project or building.

As a result if you need a geotechnical consultant or Geotechnical engineer for a construction examination or you would like further detail, please contact us.

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