The practice of engineering earth and its material for more productive use is known as geotechnical engineering. Geotechnical engineering is a sub branch of civil engineering and has many different aspects. It is one of the most important concepts in the modern world with application in construction, mining, drilling, and other similar fields. Geotechnical engineering is used both over and under the ground.

Purpose Of Using Geotechnical Engineering

The main purpose of geotechnical engineering is to improve the soil conditions to make it better for construction and other similar concepts. Geotechnical engineering can be used to make the soil stronger and stiffer so that it can provide an unbreakable foundation for the planned building. Geotechnical engineering can be used to treat the soil in different ways to make it more strong, stiff and most importantly safe for construction. It also plays a great role in the construction and maintenance of offshore structures, tunnels, irrigation system, reservoirs, and many other structures.

What Do Geotechnical Engineers Do?

Whether it’s a home or any commercial building, no construction is complete without geotechnical engineering. Before starting construction on your site, the site needs to be visited by a geotechnical engineer who analyzes the soil and other earth materials at the site. Geotechnical engineers mostly work as building consultants. They not only analyze the soil but also offer ways and techniques for improving the soil for better construction. Geotechnical engineering is based on rock and soil mechanic. Their application is not just limited to assessing the condition of the soil and providing ways to improve it. It can also be used to assess the risk factors associated with the soil, earthworks and entire construction process as a whole. There are many construction companies that hire and post geotechnical engineers at construction sites. Having a geotechnical engineer onsite at all times is a very useful thing.

Geotechnical Engineering And World Heritage Sites

Modern geotechnical engineering was introduced around the 1920s however the use of geotechnical engineering can be traced back to ancient times. Buildings like the pyramids of Giza and forts from the medieval times all have an element of geotechnical engineering in their constriction. Geotechnical engineering wasn’t as advanced as it is now however it was still performed to some extent as per the knowledge available to the geotechnical engineers at that time.  There were many people in the ancient era who could touch the soil and tell if it strong enough to hold a building’s foundation or not. The great thing about these sites is that they are still being maintained by modern geotechnical engineering so that the constructions can withstand the test of time.

Professional Geotechnical Engineers

There are many companies in the market that offer expert advice and trusted geotechnical expertise. If you are looking to build a new office or home then you need to research on the best geotechnical engineers in your area.  Price should be the last thing you care about while hiring a geotechnical engineer. Geotechnical engineering is going to help in making your house stronger and safer so it is ideal to go with the most experienced option.