Geotechnical Investigation Report

Services We Provide Geotechnical Investigation Report Geotechnical Engineers in our Auckland and Christchurch branches will visually assess site geohazards. In addition, geotechnical engineers carry out shallow and deep geotechnical investigations to assess ground conditions for TC1, TC2, or TC3 sites or where the risk of liquefaction is high in Christchurch. Detailed Geotechnical Investigation Report A [...]

Structural Design ( Commercial & Residential )

Services We Provide STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING/ STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS Our structural engineers with experience on a wide range of projects provide expert support at every stage of your project. We work together with other professionals on projects ranging from a single beam for house alterations, high-end architecturally designed residential houses, commercial structures, seismic assessment of existing buildings (ISA [...]

Subdivision Geotechnical Assessments ( Urban & Rural )

Services We Provide The sustainability of the land is also an important aspect to look at. Once you have made the soil firm you need to see if the foundation and the structure above it can stand different natural and manmade events. You must analyze if the land can sustain the proposed building for the [...]

Landslip & Slope Stability Assessment

Services We Provide The scope includes site inspection for a preliminary assessment of site stability and geohazards and carryout shallow testing to assess ground condition followed by a preliminary reporting including soil logs and a site plan. The investigation and report will be required by local authorities and structural engineers to confirm foundation options and [...]

Initial & Detailed Seismic Assessments

Services We Provide SEISMIC ASSESSMENT (ISA & DSA – %NBS) The seismic assessment of existing buildings is required throughout New Zealand to identify Earthquake Prone Buildings and manage the risk in a timely manner. The assessment will be done as per the MBIE Guidelines for earthquake-prone building regulations and EPB Methodology that came into force [...]

Foundation & Geostructure Design

Services We Provide We provide structural design packages from concept to completion for new residential and commercial structures, foundations design, retaining walls, portal frames, bracing design for new residential structures, alteration and/or extension to existing commercial, industrial or residential structures, and repairs. The requirement for a detailed design is assessed on a case-by-case basis. The [...]

Retrofit Design

Services We Provide We have a long and proud history given emphasis to environmental social and economic outcomes to deliver places that respond. Why Choose Our Service We specialize in both Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Services. Competitive Quote Quick Turnaround Quality and Efficient Work ProcessWhy have long experiance! Technical team of enthusiastic Team Technical Services [...]

Temporary Structural Design for Commercial or Industrial projects

Services We Provide We provide a comprehensive service of temporary work design for scaffolding and sheet piling. Our experienced team will develop solutions to ensure your work is completed efficiently and safely. As part of our temporary work design, we provide design calculations and verifications, sketches, reports and PS1 sign-off. SHEET PILING DESIGN: Our structural [...]

Fire Engineering Services

Services We Provide Fire Engineering Services Geotest Group offers services for fire safety assessments and performance-based solutions for commercial, residential, government, and industrial buildings. Fire Safety Assessments are carried out for existing buildings to measure compliance with New Zealand Building Code Acceptable Solutions. Performance-based fire safety strategies offer much greater flexibility in building design, whilst [...]