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The seismic assessment of existing buildings is required throughout New Zealand to identify Earthquake Prone Buildings and manage the risk in a timely manner. The assessment will be done as per the MBIE Guidelines for earthquake-prone building regulations and EPB Methodology that came into force on 1 July 2017. The guidelines provide a method for two-level of assessments:

  • Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA) – This is for a broad indication of the likely level of seismic performance of a building. It involves a site inspection, a desktop review of the building property file, and carrying out the IEP spreadsheet analysis followed by a short report.
  • Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA) – This will involve a detailed assessment of all structural components in a building that will impact the seismic performance of the building. In this process, a hierarchy of strengths and potential structural weaknesses will be identified. Once this information is available, the seismic strengthening design becomes easier.

Both seismic assessment methods rate the building as a percentage of the new building standard (%NBS) applied to an equivalent new building at the same time. A building is an Earthquake Prone Building if the seismic rating is <34%NBS. A DSA is required if the ISA identifies the building as having a seismic rating of <34%NBS. For seismic assessment, the new building standard refers to the minimum life safety performance requirements of Building Code B1-Structure.

Due to the variable nature of each building, we are unable to offer these services for a fixed price.

Depending on our current workloads, our turnaround time for an ISA is two weeks.


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We specialize in both Initial and Detailed Seismic Assessments.

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