Services We Provide

We provide structural design packages from concept to completion for new residential and commercial structures, foundations design, retaining walls, portal frames, bracing design for new residential structures, alteration and/or extension to existing commercial, industrial or residential structures, and repairs.

The requirement for a detailed design is assessed on a case-by-case basis. The design will be determined by the geotechnical conditions of the site, the proposed shape of the building, architectural layout, and preferred construction material such as steel, timber, concrete, or masonry. Our structural design package will include:

  • Structural drawings and specifications,
  • Design Features Report (DFR),
  • Design calculations
  • Producer Statement PS1,
  • Design LBP Memo,
  • Safety in Design
  • Durability letter – B2 (if required).

We will also carry out structural construction monitoring and provide a producer statement PS4 (construction review), which is required by local authorities as part of the Code of Compliance Application and approval.

Prices will be variable depending on the complexity of each project. We will be able to provide fixed prices for smaller projects.

Our turnaround time is reasonably short. Depending on the size of each project, we can complete our design package within 4 weeks after confirmation of the contract provided that all information is available (geotechnical and architectural).


Why Choose Our Service

We specialize in both Geotechnical and Structural engineering services.

  • Competitive Quote
  • Quality and Efficient
  • Quick Turnaround

Work Process

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