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Fire Engineering Services

Geotest Group offers services for fire safety assessments and performance-based solutions for commercial, residential, government, and industrial buildings. Fire Safety Assessments are carried out for existing buildings to measure compliance with New Zealand Building Code Acceptable Solutions. Performance-based fire safety strategies offer much greater flexibility in building design, whilst ensuring that the level of safety for occupants is not compromised. Our approach takes into consideration the interaction between buildings, occupants, installed fire safety systems as well as fire service facilities to ensure a holistic design approach is adopted.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Fire safety engineering design for new buildings, alterations to existing buildings, and changes of use for existing buildings.
  • Preparation of fire safety reports, specifications, and fire drawings.
  • Provide performance-based structural fire designs based on acceptable and alternative solutions.
  • Provide advice on fire safety.
  • Specific fire engineering design
  • Peer reviews of fire engineering assessments.
  • Reduction of Costs in Fire protection materials, optimize structural member sizes.
  • Peer review of fire designs for designers, engineers and consent authorities

Why Choose Our Service

  • Quality Reports
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Quality and Efficient

Work Process

Team Technical Services the opportunity to offer their high-end portable digital pressure calibrators and digital test gauges to complement.

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