Services We Provide

We provide a comprehensive service of temporary work design for scaffolding and sheet piling. Our experienced team will develop solutions to ensure your work is completed efficiently and safely. As part of our temporary work design, we provide design calculations and verifications, sketches, reports and PS1 sign-off.


Our structural engineers have a wide experience including sheet pile design. Sheet piling is often required for temporarily supporting the side of trenches, basement excavations, excavation adjacent to an existing building, and as a retaining structure for supporting a crane platform. Our engineers have been involved with various sheet piling projects with a maximum excavation depth of 7.5m below ground level. The sheet pile can be installed as either temporary or permanent structures.

Our approach for the design of sheet pile is to:

  • Carry out a site visit to understand the site conditions and assess the risk,
  • Review the geotechnical report,
  • Carry out design calculations to obtain the loading demand,
  • Check sheet pile sections and embedment depth for the obtained loading demands,
  • Check deflections and tolerances,
  • Provide report, engineering sign-off, and sketches.

Scaffolding Design:

Our structural engineers provide scaffolding structures that require engineering design when they are shrink-wrapped or supporting a loading platform. Our skilled team has a wide range of design experience with scaffolding structures. Whether your project is small or large, we can design, verify and sign off your scaffolding structure.

Our approach to scaffolding is to:

  • Carry out site visits to discuss your specific needs, assess the site conditions and the layout of the scaffolding,
  • Carry out design calculations for the proposed scaffolding,
  • And provide design documentation including PS1 sign-off, design recommendation letter, and design calculations.

For further information and costing, please contact our Chartered Professional Engineer,

Akram Kawa on 0221079901,


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We specialize in both Geotechnical and Structural engineering.

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  • Competitive Quote
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